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Priority One Network Group Limited

Priority One Network Group Limited / Peter Stafford Interview

Adam Shand discusses with Peter Stafford, Executive Director-CEO of Priority One Network Group Ltd, about the company's business vision, its business model, the reasons behind the partnership with GoConnect Ltd, and its proposed ASX listing.

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Peter Stafford Interview
September, 2011
Duration: 18:14

Priority One Network has established a delivery platform that enables the provision of a holistic service to merchants and consumers.

This platform enables the delivery of advertising, purchasing and broader transaction solutions to a prospective 400 million members and consumers who have established relationships with these various companies, associations, and member groups. Priority One has entered into collaborative agreements with these various domestic and international groups enabling these entities to strengthen their relationship with their existing consumers and provide compelling offerings to attract new customers.

Priority One will actively seek to convert this prospective membership and customer base into subscribers for its Debit Card offering to be co-branded with Ezybonds Global Payment Systems Inc.

In addition and in support of its debit card offering, Priority One Network Group Limited has entered into an agreement with Ezybonds Global Payment Systems Inc.

This agreement allows Priority One Network to operate a global multi-currency payment system designed to securely transfer funds and enable payment via the Internet, mobile phone and POS terminals. Significantly, it also allows Priority One Network to deliver the Ezycash Prepaid Mastercard card to its members. This agreement enables acceptance of the card for payment at any location where MasterCard is accepted. The Priority One system has been successfully integrated with this cash card processing solution enabling the seamless transfer of funds held in both virtual cash cards and physical cash cards.

Priority One has also entered into a Master Merchant agreement with IPSHK. IPS is the fourth largest licensed payment gateway provider in China.

Mr Barry John Driscoll - Executive Chairman
Mr Peter Joseph Stafford - Executive Director - CEO
Mr Wayne Buckingham - Non-Executive Director
Mr Santino Di Giacomo - Non-Executive Director

Ms Sophie Karzis - Company Secretary